plastic bottle crusher

Heavy duty shredder machine is a kind of recycling machinery used to crush plastic waste. Its working steps include several steps such as feeding, crushing, separating, and collecting. Here is a detailed introduction for you.


The plastic material to be processed is fed into the inlet of the shredder for plastic. It is possible to feed the material manually or use an automatic feeding system.


Plastic chipper machines shred and crush plastic materials with tools such as blades, cutter wheels, or hammerheads. These tools rotate or vibrate to cut, tear, or break the plastic material into small pieces.


plastic pipe shredder

During the crushing process of the heavy duty shredder machine, different sizes of fragments and particles may be produced. The fragments are separated and screened using sieves, vibrating screens, airflow separation, and other devices. Separate the plastic particles of the target size from other impurities.


The separated small pieces of plastic are collected and can be collected and stored employing conveyor belts, containers, or other collection equipment.

Follow-up processing

The collected plastics are further processed according to specific needs. This may include steps such as washing, drying, sorting, and processing for regeneration to meet specific reuse or processing requirements.

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