PET bottle crush machine

Sometimes PET bottle crush machine will make a sound when idling, do you know what is the reason? This blog will analyze in depth the reason why the best plastic bottle crusher makes noise when idling. Keep reading if you are interested.

PET bottle crush machine Knife

The sound of metal impact during idling may be caused by the mutual impact between the milk bottle crusher’s motorized knife and the tooth plate of the fixed knife. The main reason is that the discharge opening is too small, resulting in a collision. The solution is to adjust the distance between the movable knife and the fixed knife in time to ensure a suitable gap.

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Buffer spring for milk bottle crusher

A banging sound in the thrust plate support or the shim adjuster is usually caused by a loss of elasticity or damage to the drawbar buffer spring. A thumping sound may also be produced when the best plastic bottle crusher’s movable knife is not tightly bonded to the body. Solutions include checking and replacing the buffer spring and ensuring that the spring is tight.

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Seals for plastic crushers

A resonating sound from PET bottle crush machine idling can be caused by a damaged seal. In addition, deterioration of the PET bottle crush machine’s seals may also cause the machine to produce an idling resonance sound. The solution is to replace the seals periodically to ensure that they are in good condition.

PET bottle crush machine