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The plastic scrap shredder is mainly composed of a feed inlet, crushing cutter, screen, discharge inlet, and motor. Its core part is the crushing blade. It consists of a set of high-speed rotating blades, and the shape and speed of the blades will affect the crushing effect.

Working principle of plastic scrap shredder

The working principle of the plastic scrap shredder is to drive the crushing cutter to rotate at high speed through the electric motor to crush the plastic products entering the feeding port. Under the high-speed impact and shear effect of the knife, the plastic products are gradually broken into small pieces. After filtering through the screen, the crushed plastic granules will come out from the discharge port according to the required size.

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Contribution of mini shredder plastic to industry

Mini shredder plastic is an important piece of equipment in the plastic recycling and reuse industry. Its performance and quality directly affect the productivity and product quality of the whole industry. In the future, with the continuous progress and innovation of technology, mini shredder plastics will play a more important role. Plastic scrap shredder to promote the development of plastic recycling and reuse industry to make greater contributions.

plastic scrap shredder

Significance of plastic scrap shredder to environment

With the deepening concern about plastic pollution, the application of large plastic bottle crushers has a broad prospect. In the future, large plastic bottle crushers will develop in the direction of energy saving and environmental protection. At the same time, with the continuous emergence of new technologies and new materials, the performance and efficiency of mini shredder plastic will also be continuously improved.

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