friction washing machine

A friction washing machine is a device used to clean plastics and other materials. It is widely used in the cleaning of plastic sheets.

Importance of friction washing machine

Friction washing machines play a key role in cleaning plastics. This machine relies on a reamer on a rotating shaft inside the machine. Cleaning of plastics is achieved by a strong churning action inside the plastic friction washer. The rebar on the outer cylinder increases the friction and further improves the cleaning effect.

friction washing machine

Types and features of plastic friction washer

Friction washing machines are mainly categorized into two types: continuous and intermittent. Intermittent plastic friction washer is characterized by cleaning until clean, easy to control product quality. On the contrary, continuous plastic friction washers push the material through a spiral arrangement of reamers to achieve continuous cleaning.

high speed friction washer

Friction washing machine applications

Friction washer machines have been widely used in waste plastic washing lines, especially in the field of PET bottle flake cleaning has been widely used.

friction washing machine