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Shredder machine plastic is a widely used equipment in the field of plastic recycling and reuse. Evaluating the crushing capacity of a PET bottle shredder machine is the key to assessing its performance and selecting the right equipment. Here are some methods to evaluate the crushing capacity of the best plastic bottle crusher.

Crushing efficiency

First, the crushing efficiency of the shredder machine plastic can be observed. This can be assessed by measuring the amount of plastic that the equipment processes per unit of time. The best plastic bottle crusher with high crushing efficiency is usually able to process large quantities of plastic more quickly, resulting in increased productivity.

shredder plastic machine

Granularity of crushing

Crushing size is an important index to evaluate the crushing capacity of a shredder machine plastic. It indicates how big the equipment can crush the plastic into particles. Generally speaking, a smaller crushing size means a better crushing effect, but also need to consider the energy consumption and wear and tear of the PET bottle shredder machine.

plastic shredder machine

Noise and vibration

When evaluating the crushing capacity of the best plastic bottle crusher, you also need to consider the noise and vibration levels of the equipment when it is in operation. Noise and vibration may affect the performance and service life of the shredder machine plastic. Therefore lower noise and vibration levels usually mean better PET bottle shredder machine performance.

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