plastic squeezing pelletizing machine

Plastic squeezing pelletizing machine is a device used to process plastic waste into granular form. In the process of plastic granulation, many factors will have an impact on the molding. The following is a detailed introduction for you.

Plastic squeezing pelletizing machine speed control

The plastic squeezing pelletizing machine needs to push the melted plastic into the mold at the proper speed to ensure that the pellets are of the desired shape and size. If the speed is too fast, it may result in the plastic not being able to fill the mold adequately, thus creating incomplete pellets. Conversely, if the speed is too slow, it may result in over-melting or over-compression of the plastic, which can affect the quality of the molding.

plastic recycling granulation machine

Temperature control

Plastic melts during the heating process and then passes through the mold to form granules. Therefore, the plastic compounding pellets making machine need to accurately control the heating temperature to ensure that the plastic can be fully melted and pass through the mold smoothly.

recycled plastic pelletizing machine

Selection of raw materials

Different types of plastics have different melting temperatures and flowability. Therefore, when selecting raw materials, it is necessary to consider whether their melting temperature and fluidity are suitable for the working conditions of the plastic squeezing pelletizing machine. If the melting temperature of the raw material is too high or the flowability is poor, it may lead to molding difficulties or poor quality.

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