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Through this blog, we can understand the principles and precautions of heating and warming plastic recycling granulation machines. By understanding these, we can better carry out production operations and improve production efficiency and product quality.

Plastic recycling granulation machine heating method

Plastic squeezing pelletizing machines are usually heated by electric heating or hot medium heating. Among them, electric heating refers to heating by resistance wire or electric heating tube, and hot medium heating refers to heating by hot water or steam and other hot media. Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages and need to be chosen according to the production needs.

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Heating speed

Plastic recycling granulation machine heating speed needs to be based on specific circumstances. Generally speaking, the heating speed should be gradually accelerated to avoid too fast leading to equipment damage or product quality decline. At the same time, the heating speed is too fast may also lead to equipment overheating phenomenon, thus jeopardizing production safety.

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Temperature control

Temperature control is required during the heating process of plastic recycling granulation machines to ensure production quality and equipment safety. Temperature control can be realized through the temperature controller, heat exchanger safety valve, and other equipment. In the process of temperature control, it is also necessary to monitor the current and voltage of the heating pipe to ensure that the plastic squeezing pelletizing machine can operate normally.

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