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Pelletizing equipment produces smoke and irritating odors when granulating. Do you know how this smoke is produced? The smoke comes from a physical process rather than a chemical reaction in the plastic itself. Most plastics do not have an irritating odor.

Smoke composition and sources

Smoke consists mainly of water vapor that evaporates from plastics when heated and colored gases released by the combustion of plastics or the impurities they contain when heated. The presence of water vapor and impurities is the main cause of smoke in pelletizing equipment.

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Sources of irritating odors

Irritating odors during granulation in pelletizing equipment come primarily from impurities in the plastic that produce odors during incomplete combustion. Although most plastics themselves do not produce an irritating odor when burned. However, some special types of plastics may emit an irritating odor when burned.

Methods of controlling plastic pollution

  1. Optimize the design of the pelletizing equipment to ensure controllable temperature and combustion conditions during processing.
  2. Regular cleaning of the strand pelletizer machine to minimize the accumulation of impurities and combustion residues.
  3. Use efficient fume extraction equipment to reduce the release of airborne particles and pollutants.
  4. When selecting waste plastics, choose purer plastics as raw materials for pelletizing.