plastic film pelletizing machine

The stability of plastic film pelletizing machine directly affects the production efficiency and quality. Therefore, it is vital to understand why PP plastic pelletizing machines are unstable for production.

Reasons for instability of plastic film pelletizing machine

  1. PP plastic pelletizing machine screw adjustment pad error, phase error, and parts interference.
  2. PP plastic pelletizing machine main motor bearing is damaged or poorly lubricated.
  3. Faulty heater in a section of the plastic recycling granulator, not heated.
  4. Uneven plastic recycling granulator feed may cause an unstable main motor current.
plastic pelletizing line

solution of plastic recycling granulator instability

  1. Check the adjustment pads, pull out the screws, and check the screws for damage.
  2. Check the plastic film pelletizing machine heater for proper operation, and replace the heater if necessary.
  3. Repair the main motor of the plastic film pelletizing machine and replace the bearings if necessary.
  4. Check the feeder to see if there is a fault. If there is a fault, it should be eliminated in time.
plastic film pelletizing machine
waste plastic granulator machine

Familiar with the causes of plastic granulator instability and processing methods, you can easily solve as well as determine the instability of the granulator exactly where the problem occurs, to solve the problem promptly, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.