plastic pellet maker

Plastic pellet makers require special attention to a series of key factors when used for the first time. By paying attention to these things the PVC pelletizing machine will last longer. The quality of the plastic pellets produced by the plastic pellet maker is also better.

Preheating the plastic pellet maker

The PVC pelletizing machine is first warmed up before starting. It takes about forty to fifty minutes. Raise the temperature to the point where it is comfortable to pull the motor triangle belt by hand. Pull it continuously eight to ten times according to the normal working direction. Next, continue to warm up about ten minutes after the start. However, continues to heat up, because normal production requires continuous supplemental heat. According to the different nature of the plastic, adjust the appropriate temperature.

plastic pellet maker

Recycling granulator granulation temperature

When the plastic pellet maker is working normally, the temperature of the machine should be kept stable. And the temperature should be avoided to be high and low. The temperature of the head part near the vent hole should be kept at about 200℃ (applicable to C material and B material).

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At the start of pelletizing

When the plastic pellet maker starts to pelletize normally, the feeding material should be even to avoid the phenomenon of lack of material. The feeding speed of the PVC pelletizing machine and the feeding speed should be matched appropriately to ensure the quality and output of the granules.

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plastic pellet maker