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Screw wear is a common and serious problem in the operation of small pelleting machines. It directly affects productivity and equipment life. This blog will provide an in-depth analysis of the main causes of screw wear in industrial plastic granulators to help producers better understand and effectively prevent this problem!

small pelleting machine screw and barrel Friction

Small pelleting machine screw in the barrel rotation, material, and the friction between the two. The working surfaces of the screw and the barrel gradually wear out. The diameter of the screw gradually shrinks, and the diameter of the inner hole of the barrel gradually increases. In this way, the screw and the barrel with the diameter of the gap, with the gradual wear and a little increase in the two.

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Uneven plasticization of materials

Because the material is not plasticized evenly, or there are metal foreign objects mixed into the material, the plastic pelletizing machine screw rotation torque force suddenly increased. This torque force exceeds the strength limit of the screw and will lead to a screw twist-off.

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Adulteration of materials with fillers

Fillers such as calcium carbonate and glass fiber in the material will accelerate the wear of the screw and barrel of the small pelleting machine.

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