recycling granulator machine

The problem of hollow plastic pellets may cause concern in the production of film granulators. An in-depth understanding of the factors contributing to this phenomenon and appropriate solutions are essential to improving pellet quality. This blog is to explore this issue.

Reasons for hollow plastic pellets

  • Plastic raw materials contain high moisture content.
  • Lower processing temperatures result in incomplete plasticization of the material.
  • The cooling water temperature is too low causing the material to shrink and form a hollow structure

film granulator Solution

  1. Increase the drying temperature or time to ensure that the discharge hole of the film granulator is clear.
  2. Reasonably increase the processing temperature of the slow speed granulators to promote full plasticization of the material.
  3. Reasonably reduce the temperature of the die head of the slow speed granulators and increase the temperature of the cooling water to prevent shrinkage and produce a hollow structure.