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Crusher plastic machine plays a vital role in recycled plastic processing. However, sometimes we may face the problem of the slow discharging speed of plastic recycling crushing machines. This problem can stem from several factors, ranging from plastic recycling crushing machine design to operation and maintenance.

Improper use of crusher plastic machine

If the type of crusher plastic machine used does not match the type of raw material, it can lead to slow discharging. In addition, if the small plastic crushing machine is not properly maintained, it may also lead to slow discharging. For example, if the screen of the small plastic crushing machine is not cleaned for a long time, it will be clogged. It makes it difficult for raw materials to pass through, resulting in slow discharging.

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Plastic recycling crushing machine aging

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When the plastic recycling crushing machine is used for too long, the internal parts are worn or damaged will lead to slow discharging.

High humidity of raw materials

If the humidity of the raw material is too high, it will increase the weight and toughness of the raw material, which will lead to a slowdown. The humidity of the raw material is affected by factors such as climate and storage methods.

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For the situation that the crusher plastic machine is slow in discharging materials, the following are the solutions that can be taken:

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  • Replacement of small plastic crushing machine: If the original small plastic crushing machine is found to be improperly used or aged, replacement of the equipment needs to be considered.
  • Optimize the operation process: Carry out maintenance on the crusher plastic machine, keep the inside of the equipment clean, and prevent damage to parts.
  • Control the humidity of raw materials: If the raw material humidity is too high caused by the slow discharging, you can adjust the storage of raw materials, and increase the drying equipment to control the humidity of raw materials.