recycle plastic granulating machine

The slow discharging speed of recycle plastic granulating machines is mainly caused by the quality of raw materials, equipment problems improper operation, and other problems. For these problems, we can take appropriate measures to protect the normal operation of the production recycling plastic pelletizing machine and the production efficiency of the product.

Raw material quality issues

  1. Reasonable control of raw material size: In the production process, multi-stage crushing can be used to reduce the size of the raw material as much as possible, so that the raw material particle size is suitable for the requirements of the recycle plastic granulating machine.
  2. Drying raw materials: Raw materials with high water content, need to be fully dried. Ensure that the raw material humidity meets the production requirements of the granulator.
recycle plastic granulating machine

Recycle plastic granulating machine issues

  1. Clean up the sieve holes: The plastic granulator machine recycling in the production will be attached to a certain number of scattered impurities. Therefore, timely cleaning of vibrating screen holes can effectively improve the discharge speed.
  2. Replacement of damaged parts: If there is damage to mechanical parts and other issues, it is necessary to stop the recycle plastic granulating machine in time for maintenance and replacement of badly worn parts.
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  1. Reasonable control of feeding speed: To avoid too fast feeding leading to recycle plastic granulating machine blockage, workers need to understand the equipment feeding speed requirements. Try to maintain a stable feeding speed.
  2. Appropriately reduce the pressure: when there is too much pressure on the recycling plastic pelletizing machine, you can adjust it by slowing down the feeding speed, reducing the vibration frequency, and so on.
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