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Often customers come to us to ask when the plastic straw shredder is to be cleaned or repaired, and how should it be disassembled. What are the matters of attention? After all, many users do not know much about the structure of the plastic straw shredder. Therefore, they will not disassemble it. Today, we will explain some disassembly steps of a plastic bag shredder machine for you.

Plastic straw shredder disassembly steps

After more than 20 years of production experience with our Shuliy Machinery, it is recommended to dismantle the automatic PET bottle crushing machine in this way: from top to bottom, from the outside to the inside to dismantle. Specific disassembly steps are like this:

  1. Cleaning: Turn off the main power of the plastic straw shredder. Use a wool brush to sweep the dust left inside the pulverizer from top to bottom, one layer at a time.  
  2. Remove the hopper: remove the four bolts at the base of the hopper, remove the hopper. Remove the bolts and hopper in the specified position.   
  3. Remove the screen: Open the door of the plastic bag shredder machine and remove the screen.
  4. Remove the movable gear: Use a wrench to separate the movable gear from the main machine shaft. Remove the movable gear and place it safely. Pay attention to safety during operation and do not hurt your fingers.  
  5. Remove the fixed gear: Remove the three screws fixing the gear on the door. Remove the fixed gear and place it safely.

So far the disassembly of the plastic bag shredder machine has been completed.

plastic shredder
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Plastic straw shredder Manufacturer advice

These are roughly the notes from the automatic PET bottle crushing machine manufacturer about pulverizer disassembly. It is worth noting that those who are not confident that they can disassemble well are recommended to seek guidance and counseling from the manufacturer. You can also come to our factory to take a look at the specifics of the automatic PET bottle crushing machine on the spot and discuss it with each other. Questions about plastic straw shredder, welcome to leave a message on the website.

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