film crusher machine

Film crusher machine is a shredder machine for processing film type. After processing through the plastic shredder machine, it is used for recycling and reprocessing. The economic value of film recycling is large and profitable.

Types of plastic film

Plastic film is mainly divided into polyvinyl chloride plastic film, and polyethylene plastic film. According to the different manufacturing methods of plastic film, it is divided into calendering film and blow molding film. According to certain special properties possessed by plastic films, there are seedling films, non-drip films, colored films, ultra-thin covering films, wide films, packaging degree films, and so on.

plastic bags

Why recycle plastic film?

Plastic films are not biodegradable plastics. If it is not managed and recycled properly, a large amount of residual film fragments will be scattered all over the place, resulting in “white pollution”.

Recommended film crusher machine

We highly recommend our film crusher machine. This series of plastic shredder machines is suitable for plastics, rubber, and related items, with high speed, sharp knife, small particle size, and other characteristics. Blade adaptability, long life. The film recycling shredder adopts a parts assembly combination, and wearing parts replacement is flexible and convenient.