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The power size of the plastic crush machine needs to be selected according to different materials and processing volumes. The common power range of crushing machines for plastic is between 5-200 horsepower.

Factors affecting power size of plastic crush machine

The power size of the crushing machine for plastic directly affects its crushing efficiency and service life. The higher the power, the higher the crushing efficiency. But the energy consumption and noise will also increase. In addition, too much or too little power for the service life of the small plastic recycling crusher machine will also have a negative impact.

Type of material and amount of processing

The type of material and processing volume are the main factors that determine the power size of the small plastic recycling crusher machine. Different kinds of plastics have different requirements for the load and output of the plastic crush machine. So we need to choose different power machines to adapt to different needs.

Structure and quality of equipment

The construction and quality of a crushing machine for plastic also affect the amount of power it requires. Durable small plastic recycling crusher machines require more power to support the weight and strength of their process. A low-quality small plastic recycling crusher machine, on the other hand, may require less power.

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Plastic crush machine power selection method

The selection of the power of the plastic crush machine is based on the processing volume and the type of material. The common power range is between 5-200 horsepower.

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In addition, there are other factors to consider when choosing a crushing machine for plastic. For example, the brand and quality of the machine, after-sales service, and the cost of use. It is recommended to choose a brand with a high reputation and perfect after-sales service. It is also important to understand the repair and maintenance methods of the machine to ensure stable operation and long-term use of the small plastic recycling crusher machine.