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Plastic bottle shredder manufacturer will share the cleaning and precautions of the large plastic bottle crusher again this time. Many of our regular customers also often come to consult this issue. A plastic bottle shredder is mainly to crush all kinds of plastic waste, it is certainly easy to leave residue. At this time, we need to clean up in time to avoid machine damage. However, the disassembly and cleaning of the large plastic bottle crusher is again very professional, carelessness can easily cause big problems. So it is worthwhile to talk about the precautions again.

Plastic bottle shredder cleaning way

Bottle crusher for recycling cleaning is mainly divided into two types: general cleaning and specialized cleaning, depending on your needs.

Special cleaning

The plastic bottle shredder is cleaned according to the nature of the plastic crushed by the plastic bottle shredder. Specialized cleaning methods check the “special cleaning solvent table”. Do not need special cleaning can be directly into the ordinary cleaning. Specialized cleaning is more complex and professional. You should try to contact the large plastic bottle crusher manufacturer or read the manual before operation.

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General cleaning

Ordinary cleaning is to clean with tap water and then clean with deionized water. After the bottle crusher for recycling body and all parts are cleaned, place them safely. After drying with a hairdryer, you can enter the installation program.

plastic bottle shredder

Precautions for large plastic bottle crusher

  • Before using the bottle crusher for recycling, check whether all fasteners of the machine are tightened and whether the belt is strained.
  • The direction of the main shaft operation must conform to the direction of the arrow shown on the guard. Otherwise, the bottle crusher for recycling will be damaged and may cause personal injury.
  • Check whether the plastic bottle shredder’s electrical integrity.
  • Check whether there is metal and other hard debris inside the crushing chamber. Metal substances will break the knives and affect the operation of the plastic bottle shredder.
  • The oil cup on the large plastic bottle crusher should be frequently filled with lubricating oil to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
  • Stop adding material before stopping the large plastic bottle crusher. Such as not continuing to use it, and removing the remnants of the large plastic bottle crusher.
  • Regularly check whether the cutter with the screen is damaged, if damaged, should be replaced immediately.
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