plastic bumper shredder

The choice of plastic bumper shredder is important when crushing hard materials. It is not like crushing other soft plastics, or things that are more brittle. Hard things are harder to crush, and a careless will crumble the crusher machine plastic blades. That’s why you need a special and good quality crusher machine plastic. Then how to pick it?

Tips for choosing plastic bumper shredder

General plastic bumper shredder crushing plastic bottles, plastic buckets, plastic cups, plastic bags, toiletries, learning stationery, etc. are not a problem. When it comes to materials with slightly higher hardness, such as TV sets, washing machines, computer shells, etc., which kind of crusher machine plastic should be purchased? Below is the information you need to know when buying a crusher machine plastic.

  1. Low-speed compact plastic shredder: it can make the material crushed particles more uniform. Low speed can make the motor service life more durable and low noise.
  2. Heavy crusher machine plastic: large size, high horsepower, can quickly handle the material.
  3. Strong compact plastic shredder: In addition to the large horsepower crushing range is more extensive. Pipes, profiles, sheets, plastic containers, TV shells, and car bumpers can be crushed.
  4. Soundproof plastic bumper shredder: the noise generated by crushing hard materials is very large. The selection of a soundproof crusher can reduce the spread of noise. The low-noise working environment is more harmonious with the surroundings.
ABS plastic shredder

Focus on features of crusher machine plastic

In addition to some of the above ways to choose and buy, but also to see whether the compact plastic shredder has the following characteristics.

  • plastic bumper shredder has a novel design with a sound insulation layer and low noise.
  • It adopts a sealed structure to avoid dust pollution.
  • The discharging method can be drawer type or automatic suction (alternative components).
  • There are two big inertia wheels at both ends of the main shaft to achieve the effect of powerful crushing.
  • Built-in power error correction device, the machine stops running and alarms when a wrong sequence connection or phase loss occurs.
  • Built-in safety switch, the plastic bumper shredder stops working automatically when opening the feed opening or screen frame.
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