plastic flakes

The recycled bottle flakes processed by the PET recycling line are mainly classified into quality grades by three aspects: humidity, PVC content, and characteristic viscosity. That is to say, only these three aspects to achieve the corresponding grade standard can make the corresponding qualified products. So, which link of the PET recycling line has the greatest impact on its quality? This is briefly analyzed today.

Humidity level

Moisture refers to the moisture content of PET bottle flakes, is certainly less moisture the better. The general PET bottle washing line is equipped with a PET flakes dryer machine. The drying equipment can remove most of the moisture from the bottle flakes. Depending on the output of the PET bottle washing line, the number of dryers can be adjusted appropriately to remove the moisture perfectly.

dryer machine
PET dryer machine

PVC content

As we all know, PVC in waste recycled PET bottles mainly exists in the form of label paper. Since PVC and PET are the same as submerged material, it is necessary to remove PVC before crushing. This can ensure the quality of the recycled bottle flakes. Plastic bottle flakes washing line manufacturers will use a de-labeling machine to remove the label paper. Although the de-labeling rate of the de-labeling machine can reach 98% or even more. But there will still be some residue. You can take a combination of a de-labeling machine and manual picking tape.

PET label remover machine
De-labeling machine

Characteristic viscosity

Many PET recycling line manufacturers overuse caustic soda in order to wash away the oil, old grease, and gum on the bottle flakes. This will lead to changes in the physical properties of the bottle flakes and a decrease in viscosity, which is unfavorable to the subsequent drawing. It is recommended that PET recycling line manufacturers reduce the amount of caustic soda and add professional bottle flake cleaning powder, which is weakly alkaline. It has a variety of enzymes in the composition that can remove oil and dirt, but also protect the surface fiber of plastic bottles.

PET flakes
PET flakes

Recycled PET flakes quality standards

PET bottle flakes gradeHumidityPVC contentCharacteristic viscosity (mPa.s)Appearances
Filament\Blowing\Plastic tape grade≤0.5%0.1‰ or less0.77-0.85Clean, transparent
Imitation of Dahua\Three-dimensional Grade≤0.5%0.3‰ or less0.7-0.85Clean, transparent
Imitation Sinochem grade≤0.8%0.5‰ or less0.65-0.7Clean
Affine miniaturization grade≤0.8%1.0‰ or lessAround 0.65Clean
Recycled Bottle Flake Grade Classification Table
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