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Plastic films are widely used in our daily lives, such as cling film, plastic agricultural film, stretch film wrap, plastic shrink wrap, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and so on. They bring us great convenience and are in great demand every day. Then do you know how to effectively recycle these stretch film wraps? Keep reading to learn more.

Why should plastic films be recycled?

PP PE films are produced in large quantities every day. If buried in the ground, discarded greenhouse films take up space in the earth. In addition, most LDPE films are non-degradable. If trees are burned, it will not only pollute the air but also waste resources. Therefore the best way to deal with waste PP PE film is to recycle and reuse it. Only in this way can we protect the environment and save resources.

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Stretch film wrap recycling challenges

Most discarded plastic films are too dirty to be recycled directly. In particular, greenhouse films and mulch films used in agriculture carry a lot of soil. Therefore, these agricultural film wastes must be cleaned before recycling. However, it is not possible to wait until the wet greenhouse film is dry before recycling. These are the difficulties in recycling waste PP PE LDPE.

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Shuliy plastic film solutions

Shuliy has the advanced PP PE cleaning pelletizing line for sale. The unit is specialized in crushing, washing, dewatering, and drying various waste plastics. This recycling equipment is simple, practical, and high output, which is the most effective production line for waste plastic recycling. For more information, please feel free to leave your message on the website, and we will contact you as soon as possible.