plastic granule cutter machine

Plastic granule cutter machine is widely used in the processing of various raw materials. So what do you need to pay attention to in the process of operating the plastic Dana cutter machine?

Temperature of plastic granule cutter machine

When the operator fills the material, pay attention to the material not to enter the debris, and master the temperature. If the material does not appear to strip the phenomenon of sticking to the mold head, is the mold head temperature is too high. This time you need to wait for a little cooling can be normal, generally do not need to stop.

plastic granule cutter machine

Plastic dana cutter machine water temperature

The plastic granule cutter machine‘s best water temperature should generally be 50-60 ℃, low enough to break the strip, beyond the easy-to-stick. Try to add half of the hot water at the beginning of the plastic strip cutting machine, if there are no conditions, cutting granules can be used on the plastic Dana cutter machine conveyor for some time.

Plastic granule cutter

Wait for the water temperature to rise and then let it automatically cut grain, so as not to break the strip. After the water temperature exceeds 60℃, it is necessary to add cold water to the internal circulation to keep the temperature.

Uniform feeding

The plastic granule cutter machine must have plastic strips pulled into the roll, otherwise, it will damage the pelletizer. Such as venting outward material, proving that impurities have blocked the filter. At this time to quickly stop the machine to replace the mesh, mesh can choose 40-60 mesh.

plastic granulator equipment