foam pelletizer machine

Foam pelletizer machine is a machine and equipment to process foam waste directly into granules. Generally, the plastic foam granulator needs to be used at the right temperature to achieve the best results.

Foam pelletizer machine temperature adjustment

1、Pre-heating stage: Heat the foam to a suitable temperature. It is generally recommended to preheat at about 140℃-150℃.
2、Melting stage: Feed the preheated foam into the melter to keep a suitable temperature. It is generally recommended to regulate it around 170℃-180℃.
3、Cooling stage: Cool the molten foam into granules, and keep the suitable temperature. It is generally recommended to adjust it around 80℃-100℃.

foam granulator

Specific operation of temperature regulation

1、After entering the melt stage, turn on the temperature control device and set the temperature according to the selected foam pelletizer machine.
2、Set the extrusion temperature control according to the situation of the outlet of the equipment.
3、Adjust the temperature control of the mold device according to the variety.
4、Monitor whether to add lubricating oil to prevent plastic from sticking to the plastic foam granulator.
5、Observe the operation of the foam pelletizer machine at any time, and deal with abnormal situations in time.
6、Maintain the machine regularly to ensure the normal operation of the EPS pelletizing machine.