plastic recycling pelletizer line

The widespread use of plastic recycling pelletizer lines not only facilitates the recycling of waste plastics but also creates economic benefits for users. The following process principle through the granulator explains the advantages and disadvantages of the current PE plastic flakes pelletizing line.

Principle of plastic recycling pelletizer line

Typically, most PE plastic flakes pelletizing lines use heat and pressure to extrude waste plastic in a flowing state through a die. A complete waste PE plastic flakes pelletizing line consists of two parts:

recycled plastic granulator extruder machine

One is a PE PP film recycling machine, which melts and extrudes the waste plastic and is customarily called the host machine. This is called the host PE PP film recycling machine, which is universal, the same plastic recycling pelletizer line can process various waste plastic products. This is the first stage of plastic recycling pelletizer line.

waste film recycling line

The second is the headstock, cooling system, pelletizing system, and packaging storage. These cool the molten plastics, cut the pellets, and store them, and are often called auxiliary extruders. This is the later stage of the plastic pelletizer.

pelletizing extruder machine

Benefits of PE plastic flakes pelletizing line

  • Most PE PP film recycling machines have continuous production, processing, and high production efficiency.
  • High level of automation technology of mechanical equipment, low labor cost.
  • Plastic recycling pelletizer line extruded particles of uniform, full, high quality.
  • Strong adaptability of recycled pellets. Most of the thermosetting plastics can be used in plastic recycling pelletizer lines.
  • The PE plastic flakes pelletizing line covers a small area and the production process is clean.
plastic granules extruder machine

Disadvantages of PE PP film recycling machine

  • PE plastic flakes pelletizing line does not allow the production of a variety of physical characteristics of different waste plastics
  • PE PP film recycling machine in the treatment of waste plastic secondary pollution problems