Forced Feeder

Forced feeder is a device used to automatically supply raw materials in granules extruder machines and other equipment. Its function is to feed raw materials into the granulator automatically and accurately to ensure the stability and efficiency of the production process.

Application of forced feeder

Automatic feeding machine is usually installed on the main machine of the granules extruder machine to ensure the continuous supply of raw materials. It is usually applied to the recycling and granulation of soft plastics such as plastic film, agricultural film, mulch film, greenhouse film, raffia bags, garbage bags, and so on.

Why do I need a force feeder?

Due to the lightweight of PP, PE, LDPE, and other plastic films with a winding nature, it is easy to produce difficulties in discharging materials during the pelletizing process. This is where the use of a forced feeder is a very effective solution. Especially when dealing with this type of plastic film with tangled properties, the automatic feeding machine is able to feed the raw material into the granules extruder machine in a stable and continuous manner.

plastic granules machine with a forced feeder

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