PE granulating machine

Recycling granulator machine from the day of production work, to withstand a variety of power loads. Various parts due to wear and tear of the work drive, melt and decomposition gas corrosion, and other effects, after working for some time, the working performance of the PE granulating machine and the efficiency of the machine changes or a slight decline. In order to ensure the normal operation of the granulator plastic recycling and extend the service life, the correct routine maintenance and repair are essential.

Recycling granulator machine drive system

The transmission system is one of the core components of a PE granulating machine, so ensuring its normal operation is crucial to the efficiency of the granulator plastic recycling. Regularly check the recycling granulator machine belt, chain, gear transmission, and other parts for tightness and wear, if abnormal timely replacement. At the same time, PE granulating machine bearings, gears, etc. also need to be regularly filled with the right amount of lubricant to ensure smooth operation.

recycling granulator machine

Cooling system for PE granulating machine

Recycling granulator machines will produce a lot of heat when running, so the normal work of the cooling system is important. We need to regularly check the cooling water circulation system, and clean the water tank, and water pipe, to ensure smooth water flow. At the same time, the radiator surface also needs to be cleaned to ensure that the heat dissipation effect, and to avoid overheating caused by granulator plastic recycling damage.

PE granulating machine

Control system of recycling granulator machine

The electrical system is the control center of the recycling granulator machine. Regularly check the cables, connectors, and other connecting parts to ensure the safety and reliability of the electrical system. At the same time, you need to check the control panel and switches of the PE granulating machine for normal operation, and repair or replace them in time if there is any malfunction.