plastic recycling crusher

The high-frequency work and heavy-duty operation of PET bottle crushers make proper lubrication critical. Today, we will introduce you to the significance of using lubricant for plastic water bottle shredders.

Lubricating action

In the PET bottle crusher mutual movement of the surface and the formation of a layer of oil film, in order to reduce the friction of the parts. And improve mechanical efficiency. It also extends the service life of the plastic PET bottle crushing machine.

PET bottle crusher

Cleansing effect

Lubricants have a cleansing effect, forming a film on friction surfaces. It effectively removes dirt, oxides, and other impurities deposited by the plastic water bottle shredder. This helps maintain the smoothness of the friction surfaces, reduces friction, and improves the operational efficiency of PET bottle crusher components.

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Vibration isolation

The oil film formed by the lubricant can play a cushioning role. This prevents wear and tear of the parts while the plastic PET bottle crushing machine is working and also reduces vibration.


The lubricant film isolates air and acids from direct contact with the part surface. This helps to reduce the degree of oxidation and corrosion of PET bottle crusher parts.