PP raffia recycling machine

The output of a PP raffia recycling machine is affected by several factors. The maximum output of a machine in a day depends on factors such as the model of the machine, the type of material, the speed of production, and the level of operation. Generally speaking, pelletizing machine plastic can produce up to several thousand kilograms a day.

Working Principle of PP raffia recycling machine

Plastic shredder granulator is a series of processes to convert plastic waste or raw materials into plastic pellets for secondary processing. The general pelletizing process includes steps such as pretreatment, melting, extrusion, cooling, and cutting. Among them, melting and extrusion are the main processes to realize the production of plastic pellet machines. Plastic shredder granulator production efficiency is also affected by these two factors.

Factors affecting production

PP raffia recycling machine models

Different models of pelletizing machine plastic have different processing capacities and production efficiency. For example, single screw, twin screw, flat plate, rolling type, and other pelletizing machine plastic models are different. Under the same operating conditions, their production efficiency will be different.

Material type

Different kinds of materials have different properties such as melting point, melting time, and fluidity. For the plastic pellets with easy melting and low abrasion resistance, the production efficiency will be higher. For hard and highly wear-resistant materials, the production efficiency of the PP raffia recycling machine will be affected to some extent.

PP raffia recycling machine

Production speed

Production speed is one of the key factors in the output of a plastic shredder granulator. If the production speed is fast, of course, it can produce more plastic pellets. Under the premise of guaranteeing production quality, appropriately increasing the production speed can effectively improve the output.

Operating level

The skill level and operating experience of the operator is also a key factor affecting the output. Skillful mastery of the working principle of the PP raffia recycling machine as well as operating in strict accordance with the operating procedures can greatly improve the production efficiency and output.

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Ways to improve productivity

  1. Choose the right model of pelletizing machine plastic
  2. Choosing materials that are easy to melt and have good fluidity
  3. Improve the production speed and reduce the production cost
  4. Strengthen the staff training, and improve the operation level
  5. Strengthen the daily maintenance of the pelletizing machine plastic to ensure that the pelletizing machine plastic is in the best condition
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