bale opener machine

The bale opener machine is a machine that separates plastic bottles, cartons, and tires that are packed into bundles. The waste bale opener is equipped with a conveyor belt that transports the baled material to a roller. The drum is equipped with teeth to loosen the material. The loosened material will be transported out of the machine in its raw form, and ready for further processing.

Bale opener machine applications

The bale opener machine is versatile and can be used with materials such as plastic bottles, cartons, tires, film, grass and other materials that are broken up and bundled together.

waste plastic

Waste bale opener for bottle recycling

When recycling plastic bottles, you can add a bale opener to your plastic bottle recycling line if your raw material is plastic bottle bricks. Plastic bottle bale opener is mainly used to separate plastic bottles that are bundled together, so that they can enter the subsequent processing link separately, such as crushing and washing.

Features of bale opener machine

  • Aiming at the characteristics of soft plastic, such as light and thin, the lightweight, bale opener machine adopts the screw to push the material, with no jamming, smooth discharging, and a low failure rate.
  • At the feeding end of the waste bale opener, we use wear-resistant materials that thicken the front part of the barrel and are equipped with thickened spiral blades to extend the service life of the equipment.
  • The plastic bottle bale opener adopts automation technology, which is able to complete the processing and separation of a large amount of materials in a shorter period of time, reducing labor input.
  • It is suitable for handling many types of packaging materials, such as plastic bottles, cartons, tires, etc., with strong versatility.

Waste bale opener video

bale opener machine in PET bottle washing line