plastic film shredder

PET bottle shredder is a kind of recycling equipment that shreds plastic for recycling materials. The purpose is to crush plastic into fine particles. Realization of rapid crushing mainly from the following aspects to consider.

PET bottle shredder model

First of all, choosing the right model of plastic water bottle crushing machine is one of the important factors in realizing fast crushing. According to the type of plastic to be processed, the scale and the required production capacity, and other factors, choose the appropriate plastic PET bottle crusher machine model.

PET bottle shredder

Working efficiency

Improving the working efficiency of the PET bottle shredder can realize fast crushing. The working efficiency of the plastic PET bottle crusher machine is closely related to factors such as motor power, rotation speed, blade quality, and maintenance. In addition, regular maintenance of the equipment to reduce failures and downtime, and further improve efficiency.

plastic shredding equipment

Operating parameter

The selection of appropriate plastic water bottle crushing machine operating parameters is also an important means to achieve rapid crushing. Mainly includes feeding speed, blade spacing screen selection, and other parameters.

  • Feeding speed should be reasonably controlled, too fast will lead to clogging, and too slow will affect the crushing efficiency.
  • Blade spacing should be set according to the hardness of the plastic and crushing requirements for a reasonable adjustment to ensure that the blade works better.
  • The selection of the screen should be based on the required particle size to choose the appropriate specifications to achieve the desired crushing effect.