plastic pellet machine

In the production process of plastic pellet machines, the problem of color difference often bothers us. The following is an analysis of the possible causes.

Formulation problems

  • Color masterbatch without careful color testing and direct granulation with the plastic pellet machine may lead to color differences.
  • Problems in the matching between masterbatch and resin may lead to color inconsistency of granules.
  • Inaccurate measurement, over or under dosage of color masterbatch or pigment may cause color difference.
  • Insufficient heat resistance of color powder may cause color variation under high temperatures.
plastic pellet machine

plastic pellet machine process problems

  • Baking process, too long or too high baking time and temperature may make the base color of the material baked yellow or discolored, causing color differences.
  • The mixing process is not a clean material cylinder, the mixing time is not enough or too much, which
  • may lead to uneven mixing, resulting in color differences.
  • When changing the material for production, not cleaning the cylinder, or drying insufficiently, may lead to color difference problems.


  1. Carefully test the color and adjust the formula to ensure the formula is accurate.
  2. Check color masterbatch and resin to ensure a match.
  3. Make sure the measurement is accurate to avoid too much or too little color masterbatch and pigment.
  4. Check the heat resistance of the color powder and choose a suitable heat-resistant color powder.
  5. During the production process, pay attention to controlling the operation of baking, mixing, and adding materials to ensure a clean and even process.
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