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How select the right waste plastic recycle granulating machine has been a problem for investors. Currently, on the market plastic machinery of various kinds, the price is also a big difference! As a plastic extruder pellets machine manufacturer, we will explain this in detail for you today.

Comparison of performance parameters

Waste plastic recycle granulating machines with excellent performance parameters can be selected through vertical or horizontal comparison. Vertical comparison refers to the examination of key performance parameters according to industry standards. Horizontal comparison, on the other hand, is to compare the performance parameters with those of similar plastic granule recycling machines at home and abroad.

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Stability, reliability and security

Stability, reliability, safety, and service life in the work of the machine are important indicators for choosing a waste plastic recycle granulating machine. Attention should be paid to the smooth operation of the equipment structure, and auxiliary system software, and whether the noise meets industry standards.

It is also important to pay attention to the quality and service life of key support and wear parts, as well as whether safety precautions are sound.

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Scale and production requirements

According to their own production scale and output demand to choose the right waste plastic recycle granulating machine. Consider the supply of raw materials, investment budget plant power supply and water supply, and other practical situations.

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