PVC dana making machine

PVC dana making machine screw is one of its core components. However, in the long run, the screw will keep wearing out and affecting the performance of the PP PE plastic pelletizing machine. So what are the reasons for screw wear?

Influence of material properties

Different types of plastics have different hardnesses, wear properties, and flow characteristics. Failure to customize the PVC dana making machine screw according to the material characteristics may result in increased friction between the screw and the material, thus accelerating wear.

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PVC dana making machine uneven plasticization of materials

When the material is not plasticized uniformly, it may result in a sudden increase in the rotational torque of the PP PE plastic pelletizing machine screw. This torque force exceeds the strength limit of the screw and may cause the plastic granules recycling machine screw to twist off.

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Accelerated wear due to fillers

Fillers, such as calcium carbonate and glass fibers, are commonly used as reinforcing materials in plastic products. If the material contains fillers such as calcium carbonate, glass fiber, etc., it will accelerate the wear and tear of the screw and barrel of the PVC dana making machine.