PP granules making machine

Congratulations! Shuliy’s customized PP granules making machine for a Ghanaian customer has been made complete. The Ghanaian customer purchased the plastic extruder pellets machine for recycling plastic waste. The customer is satisfied with Shuliy’s products and services. Now, let’s find out the details!

Client Background

Our client operates a plastics recycling plant in Ghana. Its mission is to make a significant contribution to the country’s sustainable development goals. The client was looking for a robust solution to efficiently handle the recycling of waste plastics. In pursuit of a high-capacity PP granules making machine, the client carefully evaluated various options. Ultimately, the Ghanaian client chose to purchase this specialized PP granules making machine from our company.

film pelletizing machine
plastic extruder pellets machine

What can Shuliy offer its customers?

  • Customized service: Shuliy provided this Ghanaian customer with extra plastic extruder pellets machine accessories, customized colors, and 1 year-wearing parts.
  • High-quality product: This Ghanaian customer needed to sell plastic pellets. Therefore, he demanded a higher quality of pellets, and the Shuliy PP granules making machine was able to meet the customer’s needs.
  • Efficient problem solving: Shuliy provided professional translation for all kinds of related documents and information needed by this Ghanaian customer.

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