plastic recycling shredder machine

Plastic recycling shredder machine is one of the main pieces of equipment often used in production and processing. However, it produces a large amount of residue during use. Therefore, the residue cleaning of the shredder machine for plastic recycling is crucial.

Here’s how to clean up plastic recycling shredder machine residue.

Manual cleaning method

Manual cleaning is the most basic cleaning method and is suitable for shredder machine for plastic recycling with less residue. Specific steps are as follows:

  1. Shutdown and emptying: Before cleaning, you first need to shut down and empty the residue.
  2. Disassemble parts: according to the actual situation, disassemble the parts that are easy to produce residues, such as screens, blades, and so on.
  3. Cleaning parts: Clean the disassembled parts with brush and water to remove residues and dirt;
  4. Sterilization: the cleaned parts will be sterilized to ensure the sanitary condition of the equipment.
  5. Installation reset: install the cleaned parts back to the original position of the equipment, reset, and then start.

Autocleanup method

Automatic cleaning is currently the more popular cleaning method. It can quickly and efficiently clean up a large number of residues in the plastic recycling shredder machine, and can improve the efficiency of the equipment. Specific steps are as follows:

  1. Set cleaning program: according to the use of plastic recycling shredder machine needs, set the cleaning program, including cleaning time, cleaning intensity, and other parameters.
  2. Automatic cleaning: open the shredder machine for plastic recycling automatic cleaning program, so that the equipment is automatically cleaned.
  3. Disinfection and sterilization: disinfection and sterilization are required after cleaning to ensure the sanitary condition of the plastic recycling shredder machine.
plastic shredder machine

Notes on plastic recycling shredder machine residue cleanup

  1. Cleaning method: cleaning needs to be carried out by the cleaning process and steps, arbitrary cleaning is strictly prohibited.
  2. Cleaning agent: In the cleaning process choose the appropriate cleaning agent to ensure that the cleaning effect and not damage the equipment.
  3. Cleaning time: the timing of the cleaning of the crusher is generally after the end of production or before the replacement of materials.
  4. Cleaning frequency: equipment residues, cleaning frequency should be high.