plastic pellet extruder

Plastic pellet extruder is a common mechanical recycling equipment. Plast granulators in the daily operation process, it is inevitable that there will be a variety of failures. This affects the normal production of the machine. The following is an analysis of the problems that may occur in the plast granulator. We will provide the causes, and treatment methods for your reference!

Plastic Pellet Extruder Current Instability

Cause: Uneven feeding, damaged or poorly lubricated main motor bearings. Failure of a section of the heater or phase error, screw adjustment pad error, element interference, etc.
Solution: Troubleshoot, inspect feeder, and replace bearings if necessary. Inspect the motor and replace the heaters if necessary. Check each heater for proper operation.

plastic granulation line

Plastic recycling granulator motor can not start

Cause: Wrong drive sequence, check for blown fuses. The interlock associated with the main motor is functioning.
Disposition: Restart the plastic recycling granulator in the correct driving sequence. Check motor circuitry. Check status of motor-related interlocks. Turn the main power off and wait 5 minutes before restarting. Check that the emergency button is reset

plastic pellet extruder

Plastic pellet extruder die head clogging.

Reason: The material is poorly plasticized. A section of the heater does not work or the plastic molecular weight distribution is wide. The working temperature is set low and unstable. There may be foreign matter that is not easy to melt.
Disposition: Replace the plast granulator die head if necessary. Check heaters, and consult the plastic pellet extruder manufacturer if necessary. Clean and inspect the extrusion system and pelletizer die head.

granules machine

Plast granulator motor makes abnormal sound

Cause: Plastic pellet extruder motor bearing damage. One thyristor in the main motor thyristor rectifier circuit is damaged.
Solution: Replace the plastic pellet extruder motor bearing. Check and clean the plastic pelletizer extrusion system.