plastic material shredder

Recently, we exported a highly efficient plastic material shredder to Nigeria. This polystyrene shredding machine provides strong support for the customer’s plastic crushing business. With this advanced plastic material shredder, the customer has taken a solid step forward in the field of plastic recycling.

Customer Background

Nigeria is one of the most economically active countries in the West African region. Plastic waste disposal is under increasing pressure. Our client is a company dedicated to environmental protection. They are in urgent need of an efficient plastic material shredder to increase the reuse rate of waste plastics. Therefore, they approached Shuliy, a manufacturer of plastic shredding equipment.

Features of Shuliy plastic material shredder

Our polystyrene shredding machines have advanced crushing technology and efficient working performance. Its strong processing capacity makes it an ideal choice for the plastic recycling industry. Meanwhile, the intelligent control system ensures the safe and stable operation of the plastic shredding equipment.

Machine parameters

  • Power: 11 kW
  • Size: 900*1100*1750mm
  • Capacity:400-600kg/h
polystyrene shredding machines