pelletizer machine plastic

Ivorian customer ordered a plastic granulator machine from Shuliy. Now the machines have been finished and are about to leave for Cote d’Ivoire. Here are the details of this project.

Customer’s plastic granulation plant

The client in Côte d’Ivoire operates a plant that specializes in the plastic recycling business, whose main business is the recycling and processing of rigid PP and PE plastics to ultimately produce recycled pellets. This time he wanted to purchase a new batch of plastic granulator machines.

Advantages of Shuliy plastic granulator machine

After extensive comparison, the customer finally chose the low-speed granulator from Shuliy. The newly introduced Shuliy PP pelletizing machine has greatly improved the production efficiency of the customer’s factory. The introduction of the new plastic granulator machine also reduces the production cost to a certain extent. Compared with the traditional pelletizing method, Shuliy’s low-speed granulator adopts advanced pelletizing technology. This reduces energy waste and effectively lowers production costs, bringing real economic benefits to customers.

Choose Shuliy PP pelletizing machine

Shuliy low-speed granulators ensure consistent and reliable quality of the final product with their precision workmanship and high-quality materials. Feedback from customers shows that the quality of the recycled plastic pellets they produce has been significantly improved by using Shuliy’s plastic granulator machines. If you’re looking to improve your plastics recycling business, consider Shuliy’s PP pelletizing machines!