mini plastic granulator

The plastic granulator equipment ordered by the Mozambique customer at Shuliy has been fabricated. The Mozambican customer will use this machine to produce plastic pellets.

Customer Background

According to the customer, he currently operates a plastic recycling factory and plans to purchase a batch of new granules manufacturing machines. He found our website when he searched for plastic granulator equipment on the internet. After learning that we are a plastic granulator manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience, the customer decisively contacted us.

Why do customers choose Shuliy?

Our sales manager Sunny made a prompt reply for the first time after receiving his message. After fully communicating with the customer, Sunny realized that the raw material of the customer is PE and recommended a single screw plastic granulator with corresponding parameters. Due to Sunny’s enthusiasm and professionalism, she quickly won the customer’s trust. In the end, the customer decided to buy plastic granulator equipment, a dryer machine, and other recycling equipment. To return the customer’s trust and support, we also gave an extra set of pellet-cutting machine knives.

Details of plastic granulator equipment

  • Model: SL-150 Power:37kw
  • 2.3m screw
  • Heat Method: ceramic heating
  • 250 Hard tooth surface reducer
plastic granulator equipment
Single screw plastic granulator and pellet cutting machine
  • Model: SL-125
  • Power: 11kw
  • 1.3m screw
  • Heating method: heating ring heating
  • 225 Hard tooth surface reducer
plastic dana machines
Granules manufacturing machine
  • Power: 11kw
  • Use: To dry the water on flakes
dryer machine
Plastic dryer machine