plastic film dryer

Waste plastic film dryer is an important piece of equipment for processing waste plastics. It needs to pay attention to safety and maintenance when using it to play its role effectively.

Plastic film dryer operation steps

  1. Put the waste plastic film to be dried inside the plastic drying machine and close the door of the equipment.
  2. Select the heating temperature and drying time of the plastic dewatering machine according to the required drying time, which can be adjusted according to the type and density of the waste plastic film.
  3. Click the start button to begin the drying operation. The plastic film dryer will automatically run the set heating time and temperature, and stop automatically when the drying is finished.
  4. After drying, open the plastic drying machine door to remove the dried waste plastic film and place it in the designated storage area.
plastic film washing machines
Plastic film dryer and washer

Plastic drying machine precautions

  1. Before operating the plastic film dryer, check that the equipment’s electrical installations, heaters fans, and other components are functioning properly.
  2. When operating the plastic drying machine, it is necessary to ensure air circulation inside the equipment to prevent heat accumulation, which may cause equipment failure or danger.
  3. When using the plastic dewatering machine, you should have a full understanding of this to ensure that the equipment parameters are set correctly.
  4. If the plastic drying machine is found to have abnormal sound, unstable voltage, and other problems, it should be stopped in time.
  5. After drying, you need to clean the inside of the plastic film dryer in time.
plastic film dryer