PET bottle recycling machine

Shipment news is here! Shuliy is ready to deliver a set of PET bottle recycling machines to Mozambique. The machine is designed according to the needs of Mozambique customers. It turns waste plastic bottles into high-quality plastic bottle pieces. We believe that the performance of this PET bottle washing recycling machine will meet the expectations of this Mozambique customer. Read on for more details.

Solutions for Mozambique

Initially, a customer in Mozambique wanted to invest in a PET bottle crushing plant to make a profit. However, the customer was hesitant to choose a manufacturer.

During the exchange, we showed the Mozambican customer the past success stories of Shuliy’s PET bottle recycling machine. The customer learned about our plastic pelletizing project in Mozambique, which allayed the Mozambican customer’s doubts. The Mozambican customer then researched Shuliy products based on our waste plastic solutions.

In the end, the customer chose Shuliy as the manufacturer of the PET bottle washing recycling machine. Because the Mozambican customer found our PET bottle recycling machines trustworthy.

PET washing machine
PET bottle washing recycling machine
PET bottle recycling machine

Information on the main machines

Climbing ConveyorPower:3kw
Length: 4m
Width: 0.6m
Label Removing MachinePower:15kw+1.5kw
Diameter: 0.63m
Length: 4.3m
Weight: 2600kg
PET Bottle Crusher MachineHeight:2.6m
High Temperature Washing BarrelPower:60kw+4kw
Heating method: Electromagnetic heating
Width: 1.3m
Height: 2m

Why do Mozambique customers choose Shuliy?

Why Shuliy? We asked our Mozambique client this question. According to the client’s feedback, he found Shuliy’s service team very professional. He could reach us anytime. Shuliy solved his problems in the shortest possible time, which made the whole cooperation process very smooth. If you also want to start a PET bottle crushing plant, contact us! We are very experienced.