waste plastic shredder machine

The waste plastic shredder machine has two types of claw knives and flat knives, which are widely applicable. But how to install it, do you want to know? Today for you to introduce the plastic crusher is how to install it.

Checking waste plastic shredder machine

When receiving the plastic recycling shredder machine, we should first check whether the appearance of the waste plastic shredder machine is damaged and whether the main accessories are complete and intact. For example, there is no missing or unusable equipment such as an electrical box and power cord.

ABS plastic shredder

Electrical Connection Test

Then carry out the electrical connection test. Connect the electricity in the electrical cabinet to the electrical box, then connect the ground, zero, and three fire wires in the machine correspondingly to the electrical box, and use a multimeter to check the voltage.

PET bottle shredder

HDPE shredder machine start-up test

Turn the main power switch to ON, the power indicator light is on press the green start button. Ldling to check whether the plastic crusher turning positive. Test with a small amount of material, and check whether the plastic crusher vibration noise or broken material is a normal discharge. After the test can be shut down.

mini plastic shredder