plastic film shredder

To reduce the wear and tear of PVC shredder blades, it is necessary to start with the selection of blades and the setting of technical parameters. We need to ensure that the blade material can meet the high temperature, high speed, and high hardness of the working environment.

Selection of PVC shredder blade material

  • High-Temperature Resistance: High temperature-resistant pla filament shredder blades ensure that they are less likely to be damaged when rotating at high speeds. Common choices include high-temperature alloy steel.
  • Friction Resistant: Friction-resistant inserts reduce the amount of heat generated by friction. In this case, cobalt-based cemented carbide is preferred.
PVC shredder machine

Technological innovations and advantages

A plastic scrap crusher machine requires the selection of blades with innovative technologies and advantages, such as special coatings and alloy surfacing, to enhance the overall performance of the blades.