pure water sachet

Pure water bags are the most common plastic packaging in Africa. In African countries such as Ghana and Nigeria, bagged water is very popular due to water scarcity and infrastructure constraints. However, this has created an urgent need for the recycling of pure water sachet.

Why recycle pure water bags?

First, plastic water bags help to reduce plastic waste pollution, especially in marine ecosystems. Secondly, pure water sachet can convert waste into reusable resources, reducing the need for raw materials. Finally, recycling pure water sachet can create jobs and economic benefits.

plastic water bags

Ways to recycle plastic water bags

  1. Collection: Establish recycling bins, and recycling stations or provide regular recycling services to ensure effective collection of pure water sachet.
  2. Sorting: Sorting and treating the collected plastic water bags to separate the pure water bags from other plastic wastes.
  3. Shredding: Utilizing pure water bag crushers to shred purified water bags into plastic pieces
  4. Cleaning: Cleaning the recycled water bags to remove dirt and residues.
  5. Pelletizing: Pelletize the cleaned pure water sachet with the pure water sachet pelletizer for further processing and reuse.
waste plastic crusher
Plastic shredder
recycling granulator machine
Plastic pelletizer

Advantages of recycled pure water sachet

  • Environmental Protection: Recycling pure water bags can effectively slow down plastic pollution and reduce the negative impact on land and water ecosystems.
  • Resource Recycling: Recycling pure water sachet helps to effectively recycle plastics and promote resource recycling.
  • Energy Conservation: Recycling plastic water bags can reduce the need for new raw materials, thus saving energy.
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