bottle label remover machine

In the process of plastic crushing and cleaning, it is a common headache problem that the bottle label remover machine is not clean.

In this article, we will analyze the reasons why the label removing machine is not clean, and introduce our solution to improve the efficiency of de-labeling and reduce production costs.

Label removing machine

Why isn’t bottle label remover machine not clean?

The main reason why the bottle label remover machine does not deliver cleanly is that the customers use a label removing machine with an ill-designed axis distance. This may lead to the emergence of manual picking platforms and increase labor costs. And it may affect the price of selling bottles and flakes.

bottle label remover machine
Bottle label remover machine

PET bottle label remover machine solutions

Our plastic label removal technology is so sophisticated that it can handle 99% of application scenarios. The label removing machine reduces the need for manual platform selection, thus reducing labor costs.

label removing machine

Advantages of our label removing machine

Our company optimizes the design of the shaft distance of the label removing machine to improve the de-labeling effect. Our PET label remover machine is committed to intelligentizing the production line, which reduces the dependence on human labor through advanced automation technology.