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Energy saving is a concern for many plastic scrap machine manufacturers. Energy-saving measures for plastic granulators cover all aspects from total installed capacity to production operations.

Plastic scrap machine power consumption

The power consumption coefficient of the biodegradable plastic granules making machine is within the range of 0.3 to 0.55. Reasonable control of the total capacity and power consumption coefficient helps to accurately adjust the operating power consumption of the plastic Dana manufacturing machine.

PP granulator plastic scrap machine

Temperature control

Proper temperature control avoids unnecessary waste of energy. Ensure that the biodegradable plastic granules making machine production process meet the production requirements without excessive energy consumption.

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Raw material impact

The moisture content and impurities of raw materials are the main factors affecting the power consumption of plastic scrap machines. Pre-treatment of raw materials is required before pelletizing, including operations such as screening and drying. This helps to reduce the additional energy consumption when the plastic dana manufacturing machine is running.

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