PET bottle

Coca-Cola will trial a label-free Sprite PET bottle to reduce packaging material and simplify recycling at eight Tesco Express stores in Brighton & Hove, Bristol, London, and Manchester in the UK for three months from January to March.

It is understood that the label-free bottles will use an embossed logo on the front of the pack and laser-engraved product information on the back.

New changes to Coca-Cola PET bottles

Like other major brands, Coca-Cola has been looking at ways to reduce packaging waste through design. It has replaced its once iconic green plastic with clear plastic that is easier to recycle.

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Coca-Cola has also introduced “tethered caps” on bottles: ensuring that the cap is attached to the bottle for easy recycling. There is also a commitment to lightweight and reducing the use of materials in secondary packaging.

Label-free bottles are easier to recycle

Not only are labels on PET bottles often difficult to recycle, they also generate additional plastic waste. Labels on plastic bottles need to be removed before collection or as part of the recycling process.

The advent of label-free PET bottles means that plastic bottle recycling is easier and faster. It saves a lot of processes.

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