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The die head of a granules extruder machine needs regular maintenance, and once damage occurs, timely replacement is crucial. The following is an introduction to how to replace and maintain the die head of an extrusion pelletizing machine.

Regular maintenance

The die head is one of the key components of the double-stage plastic granulating machine and requires regular inspection and maintenance. Ensure that it is disassembled and inspected before use.

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Professional operations

When it is necessary to change the die head of a granules extruder machine frequently, it is best to have it done by a professional. These professionals should have experience in disassembling, inspecting, cleaning, and installing new die heads.

granules extruder machine

Safe operating area

Removal, cleaning, repair, and maintenance of the extrusion pelletizing machine diehead should be done in a designated area away from the production site. The operating area should be kept clean and padded with corrugated sheets.

Heater Inspection

Regular inspection of the granules extruder machine heater is necessary. Double-stage plastic granulating machine pre-heaters should be equipped with an adequate number of heating leads and control systems.

granules extruder machine

During the inspection process, it is necessary to ensure that the heaters in each die head are functioning properly. Although it may not always be necessary to control the heaters for each die head individually, it depends on the size and requirements of the extrusion pelletizing machine die head.